Migration update for March 26

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Like Saturday night, last night was another night of lackluster bird movement in the northeast while the Central Flyway was lit up with birds. As normal March temperatures return we may see a decrease in new early arrivals, since those birds are already here. Still, birds are around and they should be looking for the best available habitat to forage … Read More

Migration update for March 24 – central PA fallout conditions?

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Looking at the late evening radar last night you can see that birds are on the move across much of the northeast. A large storm is also working its way through the region which appears to be hitting central PA at about the right time to bring down some birds as they avoid migrating through the rain once they hit … Read More

Birds to Look For – Centre Co, PA (Last week of March)

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This coming weekend marks the beginning of the last week of March. April is so close and beginning in just the first week of April, we will see huge pushes of newly-arriving spring migrants into our area. This last week of March is very important too, however, and I have tried to go through eBird bar charts for Centre County … Read More

Migration update for March 22

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South winds and clear skies last night provided ideal conditions for a moderate migration last night. The radar was picking up objects moving northeast at 10-15 kts which is highly indicative that there were birds in the sky while the 10-15dBz reflection indicates that it was a moderate flight. Since we are still early in the season, most migrants were likely … Read More

Migration update for March 20

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There was a fair amount of migration in the eastern half of the country last night. However, activity appeared low in Pennsylvania as some small storms moved through the area over night. There was movement to our south so we should continue to see new arrivals. Reports are trickling in of exceptionally early birds arriving during this long period of … Read More

Migration update for March 19

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Migration was good over our region last night with a lot of birds showing on the radar. Looks like we had some precipitation moving across the region last night but the magnitude of migration was probably insufficient to create any sort of fallout conditions. Many of the species we predicted last week are beginning to show up in numbers across … Read More