North winds keep birds down

Last night– Migration was slow across much of Pennsylvania and the surrounding states last night, likely due to the north winds that persisted through the night across the region. The north winds weren’t particularly strong, but another contributing factor was the line of storms to our south, blocking any northward movement into the area.

Expect some birds to still move into the area at low densities. Strong fliers such as waterfowl can still migrate in less than ideal conditions, while other birds that arrived in the region over the last few days may be moving around in search of good breeding habitat.

Looking ahead– North winds are in the forecast for the next several days. The key will be how strong the winds are and if they managed to keep the birds grounded. Check out Alex’s post for an idea of birds to be expecting in the next 2 weeks.

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I need your help! These reports will only be as good as the feedback I get on these updates. Please leave comments on interesting patterns of migration you are seeing in the field so I can incorporate some ground truthing to my forecasts and predictions. Thanks!