New update for the Sibley iPhone app

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I was excited to see a few weeks ago that there was an update on my iPhone for one of my favorite apps- the Sibley eGuide to Birds of North America. It wasn’t quite as exciting as I hoped however, because it did not include the newest content from Sibley’s updated 2nd edition. It was instead a very overdue update to the user … Read More

Warbler Guide app preview

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The Warbler Guide cover

  The Warbler Guide app is getting closer to release, and here is a preview of some of its features. It looks like it will have a very easy and intuitive way to figure out which species you are looking at it the field. Will you be picking this up for your phone or tablet?

BirdsEye Hotspots update

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BirdsEye Hotspots 1.2 Available in the App Store for $4.99 iPhone, iPad, iPod touch on iOS 7 BirdsEye Hotspots 1.2 was just released with several changes that make it an even better birding companion. The most noticeable visual change is a cleaner look to make it fit in better on iOS 7. As of this version, an iOS 7 device … Read More

BirdsEye Hotspots

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Today we are excited to launch BirdsEye Hotspots, a new app from Birds in the Hand (the publishers of BirdsEye and BirdLog apps) that gives you the info you need to find and get to a great birding location near you. The Nemesis Bird crew has been helping develop and beta test the app in our spare time over the last few … Read More

BirdsEye Hotspots about to launch

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BirdsEye Birding and Nemesis Code have been working on a one purpose hotspot finding and info app for some time now. We set up a site where you can sign up to learn more about the app when it is released. We are really excited to be releasing this app soon as we have found it very helpful in discovering … Read More

Review: Songbirds of North America

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Songbirds of North America Green Mountain Digital Get it! $6.99 An email just came through my inbox about a new birding app, Songbirds of North America. Now, in my experience bird apps are being released all the time, but high quality ones that really add something to the existing plethora of field guides, websites and apps already available are rare. … Read More

New birding apps roundup

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There is a constant flood of new apps available for iPhone, but it’s less common that one of these apps is for birding. Recently there has been a bunch of new releases that birders might be interested in. Some may have been out for a while but I just happened across them now and found them interesting. Games Birding Game … Read More

An update to the Sibley eGuide app for iOS

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Sibley eGuide to Birds of North America My Digital Earth $19.99 available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch [dc]T[/dc]his afternoon Andy McGann alerted me to the fact that The Sibley eGuide to Birds of North America had an update available. The Sibley Guide is my favorite field guide, and the app is my go to for in the field identifications when I … Read More

Review: Audubon Birds field guide app for iOS

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Audubon Birds with NatureShare Green Mountain Digital $16.99 available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch [dc]S[/dc]martphones, tablets and other internet-connected devices are becoming ubiquitous, and as more people start using these devices there is a growing demand to be able to interact with each other in new ways. Nature enthusiasts are no different; in addition to a growing number of Facebook … Read More

So you have a new iPad or iPhone and want to go birding….

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[dc]I[/dc]f you were lucky enough to receive some type of Apple iOS device (iPad, iPad mini, iPhone or iPod touch) for Christmas, you are probably looking for some recommendations of apps to load onto your phone to enhance your birding experience. You are in luck, because there is a lot of great stuff out there, and we have tried them … Read More