Migration updates survey results

I wanted to share the results of the migrations updates survey. It was not surprising that Pennsylvania was the most requested state for coverage. However, the four other states surrounding PA also seemed to have a fair bit of demand for coverage. It is notable that David La Puma at Woodcreeper has been covering NJ for quite some time. He has a good fan base there and is well versed on the migration through the state. A recent move to Wisconsin put him on Central Time, but I don’t think I could do justice to migration through that state, so woodcreeper.com will continue to be the place for New Jersey forecasts.

Also, it looks like most people would like to see daily updates, regardless of migration conditions. I will try to do that as much as possible. Looks like people also want to get their updates in the evening. I will try to do that if the conditions look clear, particularly if there looks like there may be fallout conditions. I am an early morning person however, and most updates will probably be then, hopefully before dawn.

A key to making this work will be getting feedback. Let me know if I was way off base, or if I missed something. I am open to any corrections or suggestions.