Northern Shrike – Moraine SP

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Anna Fasoli, Gretchen Lasser, Delia Guzman, and I spent almost the entire day today searching Moraine State Park for the previously reported Black-headed Gull(s), without any success. Luckily there was a very beautiful adult Northern Shrike that I was able to see multiple times throughout the day in the same parking lot as where the gulls roosted. Below are two … Read More

Jo Hays Vista – 8 Goldens today!

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Its been a very frustrating fall for Jo Hays Vista – winds coming out of the SW have really brought our count down. Luckily, today we had nice, cold NW winds; exactly what we need for a nice push of raptors this time of the year. Tim Shreckengost started off the day at 10, joined by Chet and Sue Gottfried … Read More

BESP – Red-throated Loon and Snow Buntings

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This afternoon, I made a run out to Bald Eagle State Park with hopes that the rainy weather today would have pushed down some waterfowl. Unfortunately there was hardly anything in the way of waterfowl once I got there. However, a juvenile Red-throated Loon at the dam was wonderful to see since it was not only the first of this … Read More

Jo Hays Vista – October 2011 Report

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On the first day of October, we had counted 2048 migrate past Jo Hays Vista, the best fall flight at  this site ever recorded. I was really excited to see what would happen in October, after all last year we really didn’t even start hawk watching seriously up at JHV until October and we were rewarded with a wonderful flight … Read More

Bald Eagle State Park – Black Scoters

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This morning, Drew Weber and I birded BESP in the rain/snow and were able to find some great birds including 6 Black Scoters, 2 Surf Scoters, and a lone Brant among a lot of other waterfowl. These were the first Black Scoters reported so far this fall in Centre County and our second Brant of the year. Weather conditions made … Read More

Jo Hays Vista – Big Osprey Flight!

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Today up at Jo Hays Chuck Widdman, Chet Gottfried, and I dealt with on-and-off rain showers and heavy fog cover to try and catch some of the migrants passing by. We had 47 raptors pass, which we thought was pretty great considering the weather conditions. A nice kettle of 12 Broad-wings plus a few singleton Broad-wings made them the most numerous … Read More

Jo Hays Vista – 2000th Raptor of the Season!

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Until around 1:30pm today, Jo Hays Vista was pretty well fogged in, but then the clouds got higher and the rain stopped and birds poured through, particularly falcons and Osprey. Joe Verica, Ian Gardner, and I were there from 1:30 till 3:45 and had 29 raptors migrate past; 7 Osprey, 2 Bald Eagle, 4 Cooper’s Hawks, 6 Broad-winged Hawks, 3 … Read More

Six Species of Shorebirds at BESP

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This morning, I made a very quick run out to Bald Eagle State Park to see if any interesting birds were put down by the storm at the swimming beach. As soon as I pulled up to the beach parking area, I saw some Caspian Terns loafing with a few gulls. The Caspian Tern group contained 2 adults, 1 juvenile, … Read More

Storm Birding 8/28/11

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With ‘Hurricane Irene’ moving up the east coast, and coming in it’s closest contact yet with Pennsylvania today all of us Centre County birders were excited to see if it would cause any interesting birds to stop at Bald Eagle State Park or any of the other water bodies in the county. Anna and I got to Bald Eagle early … Read More

The Hawk obsession

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I am currently sitting on top of Tussey Mountain and it is snowing and 27F. Winds are out of the west which is generally prime for raptor migration at this site but I haven’ seen a single hawk since I got here over 2 hours ago. Now, this isn’t just an isolated event. I counted hawks for three falls at … Read More