Northern Shrike – Moraine SP

Anna Fasoli, Gretchen Lasser, Delia Guzman, and I spent almost the entire day today searching Moraine State Park for the previously reported Black-headed Gull(s), without any success. Luckily there was a very beautiful adult Northern Shrike that I was able to see multiple times throughout the day in the same parking lot as where the gulls roosted. Below are two photos I took of the bird, unfortunately the heavy snow and very overcast conditions made for terrible photo conditions. Another nice addition to the day was a juvenile Trumpeter Swan that was floating with a huge collection of American Coots near where the gull roost was.

Northern Shrike - adult (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

Northern Shrike - adult (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

Trumpeter Swan - juvenile (Photo by Anna Fasoli)

Ring-billed Gull - adult (Photo by Anna Fasoli)

Ruddy Duck- juvenile/adult female (Photo by Anna Fasoli)