Birding app updates and sales for the holidays

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Are you looking for some birding apps to take along with you for your Christmas Bird Counts or as you travel for the holidays? Well, there are several apps that are running sales or have been recently updated. Peterson Birds of North America – ($14.99 App Store link) This is currently one of the first field guide apps I go … Read More

Review: Peterson Birds of North America iPad/iPhone

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There is a new field guide app on the market and boy, is it great. It is nice seeing the competition heat up in the iPad/iPhone bird field guide market and really take advantage of the devices and their interface. One nice bonus about the Peterson app is that it is universal, meaning one purchase is fully compatible with both … Read More

Birding with a new iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad?

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Undoubtedly, some of you out there were the lucky recipients of a mobile device from Apple and are wanting to know how to use it as a birding tool. Luckily for you, I have some recommendations on apps from using some of these devices. Compared to 2 years ago when I got my first iPod Touch for Christmas, there are … Read More

birdcountr 1.5 review

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It’s been in the App Store for several months at this point but it is definitely high time that I review the excellent bird listing app, Birdcountr (iTunes link; $4.99). This is a category of birding app that has been largely unfulfilled up to this point. As a disclaimer, I was a beta tester for this app as it was … Read More

Review: Sibley eGuide App

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David Allen Sibley, author of the incredibly useful Sibley Guide to Birds of North America has just added another publication. The Sibley eGuide to Birds of North America is an iPhone/iPod Touch app that takes all the information from his popular print guides and adds bird calls for each species as well as several other useful features to create a … Read More