Glossy Ibis band update

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Looking through about 30 pictures of the Glossy Ibis allowed me to piece together the band number- 116-50010. I submitted this info to the Bird Banding Lab. Unfortunately the bander hasn’t submitted their banding data yet but hopefully I will hear back soon.

East Coast Wood Sandpipers

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While the Wood Sandpiper is considered accidental, i.e. very rare, in the lower 48, it has been recorded breeding in the Outer Aleutians. It is even rarer on the east coast. Wood Sandpiper- Delaware, 5/9/08 A Wood Sandpiper showed up in Rye, New York in early winter 1990. The sighting was covered in the New York Times. Check out the … Read More

How will border fence affect Texas birding?

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Amy Hooper over at WildBird on the Fly recently blogged on what a border fence could mean for the birds and birders visiting south Texas. Read her entire post here. I think the idea of a big fence stretching hundreds or thousands of miles is a silly proposal, more like what kids playing in a sandbox would suggest. The people … Read More