Next up- ducks

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The next group of birds that will be moving into the area on their southbound migration are the ducks. There are already scattered reports of ducks across the state, but numbers should really increase over the next few weeks. Below are the eBird frequency graphs for the ducks, split into dabbling, diving and sea ducks. These graphs show the percentage … Read More

Jo Hays Vista – September 2011 Report

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Coming into September with only 100 raptors, the other primary Jo Hays hawkwatchers and I were ready to see things heat up. We put in a total of 13 days (51.75 hours) worth of observation time at Jo Hays which resulted in 1888 raptors being counted during the month! Due to the limited visibility at Jo Hays, northwest winds are … Read More

Migration kicking in full gear

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A quick glance at the radar shows that all kinds of migration is happening now. A cold front passed through today after an extended period of mediocre migration so this is completely expected. In the video below you can see that the eastern seaboard is lighting up with birds heading south, encouraged by the colder temperatures and north winds. In … Read More

State List map

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While working on some of my data for my grad thesis, I have played around with how to best visualize data using the stats program R. This led from one thing to another, and surprise, I ended up making a graphic from my state life lists. This is just the tip of the iceberg of what I can probably do … Read More

History of Cattle Egrets in Pennsylvania

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After four Cattle Egrets showed up nearby I became interested in the background story of Cattle Egrets in Pennsylvania. I remember seeing small flocks of Cattle Egrets when I was younger but they have been much harder to come by since I have been birding more seriously. Cattle Egrets were first reported in the U.S. in the  1940’s and it … Read More

Birds are on the move

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Looking at the radar, there are a lot of birds on the move well to the south of us. If that rain event across Virginia and the Carolinas moves off the coast we could get a real influx of birds. The big arrival today was Chipping Sparrow- they seemed to be all over. A couple more nights of good migration … Read More

More Shiloh Rd Rough-legged Hawks

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I stopped by the Shiloh Rd grasslands yesterday and a light morph roughleg was perched right in the interchange, oblivious to all the traffic around it. After a short scan of the extensive grasslands I only came up with one other roughleg, another light morph. This is the smallest number of roughlegs I have seen here in over a month … Read More

Pennsylvania eBird comparison

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After posting the graphs of eBird submissions in Centre County I ran through the View and Explore Data part of eBird and did the same thing for Pennsylvania. The comparison is interesting because it shows that quite a few people across the state have kept detailed lists and entered these historical sightings back at least several decades. If anyone has been … Read More

Centre County, PA eBird

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Since it was launched in 2002, eBird has been providing birders with an easy way to keep track of their sightings and the satisfaction of knowing that their sightings will be contributing to the knowledge of bird distributions and occurrences. Broad adoption of eBird by birders has been relatively quick with over 100,000 lists submitted from across the country during … Read More

What a Vice President Palin would mean for birds

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Image by bobster1985 via Flickr Now that John McCain has picked a running mate, Sarah Palin, it is a good time to take a look at what a Republican victory this fall might mean for birds and wildlife.  Endangered Species For some time now, the Republican party has not been particularly friendly to the conservation agenda. The Endangered Species Act … Read More