Williams Road Red-headed Woodpeckers

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I have been stopping by Colyer Lake quite a bit recently and have started taking Williams Road on my way back to State College to check on the Red-headed Woodpeckers that can occasionally be seen there. I generally just see a single bird, usually perched on one of the utility poles along the road. Today however, there was a second … Read More

Bald Eagle SP Caspian Tern and Dunlin

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This evening I went to Bald Eagle State Park to help set up a banding site for the Bald Eagle Birding Festival. I got there a bit early to see if there was anything around and I was glad I did. On the beach there was a single Caspian Tern in the company of about 20 ratty looking Ring-billed Gulls. … Read More

Merlin at Scotia

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A couple weeks ago there was a Merlin in Scotia Barrens along the Range Rd. It was actually pretty tame and didn’t fly away when I got out of the car to try to digiscope it. Here is the best shot of it that I got.

I saw the wheatear too!

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Since I was only about 50 minutes from the Northern Wheatear, I jumped at the opportunity to run down and see it when Justine drifted off to a Christmas afternoon nap. Lucky I did as the wheatear was very cooperative and sat still for a bunch of long distance digiscoping shots. I also got some crippling looks at the wheatear … Read More

Ruddy Ducks

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Yesterday at the Duck Pond, the lighting was excellent for digiscoping and I got a few of my best shots ever of Ruddy Ducks. I have to take advantage of good lighting conditions because I don’t have the snazzy 400mm lens that Alex just got. But enough about my jealousy… I particularly like the detail on the feathers, a very … Read More

Lesser Canada Goose?

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Looking over the large flock of Canada Geese at the Duck Pond in State College, I came across one goose that was noticeably smaller than the other geese. In addition, the back was a darker brown color and the chest was much darker. Overall it was just a petite, darker version of the other geese that were in the pond. … Read More

Huntingdon Harlequin Duck

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I easily found the male Harlequin Duck today, still associating with a small flock of Mallards. Viewing was easy, either across from the feed mill or climbing up the bank along Pennsylvania Ave. See the map below. The flock was easily spooked and would fly upriver for short distances before slowly floating back down.

BESP: American Tree Sparrows

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American Tree Sparrow

American Tree Sparrows were everywhere at Bald Eagle State Park yesterday. The boat marina and the new lodge both had flocks of at least fifteen birds. I managed to take a couple digiscoped shots out the car window that I liked.

Rusty Blackbirds and N. Rough-winged Swallows

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Cameron and I birded around Philadelphia today, starting at Tinicum where we found lots of ducks and good numbers of Rusty Blackbirds as well a young male American Redstart. Bonus points go to whoever can find the redstart in the images below. I tried my best but it was so active I couldn’t get it in the viewfinder. Afterwords we … Read More

Merlin vs Bat

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Soon after I arrived at Colyer Lake to look for the previously reported Red-throated Loon, I noticed a slate-blue male Merlin perched along the shore. After getting a first shot, it took off from its perch, flew about 100 feet and snatched a bat out of mid-air before returning. Then it proceeded to nosh down on the bat while i … Read More