Bald Eagle SP Caspian Tern and Dunlin

This evening I went to Bald Eagle State Park to help set up a banding site for the Bald Eagle Birding Festival. I got there a bit early to see if there was anything around and I was glad I did. On the beach there was a single Caspian Tern in the company of about 20 ratty looking Ring-billed Gulls. They were pretty settled in and this gave me a chance to do some digiscoping, something I haven’t been doing much of recently. I ended up with some results I am pretty happy about including the video below.

Caspian Tern at Bald Eagle State Park

Caspian Tern at Bald Eagle State Park

Along the main park road there is a nice pool of water that had several shorebird species including this nice Dunlin. See, Alex isn’t the only one who can photograph Dunlin, although his results are much better than mine.

Dunlin at Bald Eagle State Park- drew

I will be back at Bald Eagle State Park tomorrow for banding demonstrations so anyone is welcome to drop in and enjoy the other festivities that are going on as well.