Snowy Egret in Lancaster County!

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The beginning of fall migration 2016 is treating the Susquehanna River corridor nicely, with multiple rare waders making their presence known in Lancaster County – three juvenile Little Blue Herons were visible form the Falmouth River Access, a juvenile Snowy Egret is at the Riverfront Park Access, and a juvenile Cattle Egret continues at Conewago Wetlands. These three species are rare, but … Read More

Cattle Egret – Lancaster County, PA

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After a long night spent driving back from Illinois and then mothing for a few hours near Lamb’s Gap, I slept in till noon. I woke up to low, dark clouds and little bands of rain. The forecast for the rest of the day was for more and more rain, so there was really no other choice than to go … Read More

Hurricane Sandy storm-birding at West Fairview, PA: Northern Gannet, Leach’s Storm-Petrel, etc

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Tuesday was a busy day for us here at With Hurricane Sandy moving through the state Anna Fasoli, Josh Lefever, Ian Gardner, Michael David, and I spent most of the morning at Bald Eagle SP searching for storm birds. Read about our success at this link. A little before noon, we decided we had to give up on Bald … Read More

Montezuma NWR Cattle Egret

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This morning I drove over to Montezuma NWR in search of the Cattle Egret, Hudsonian Godwits and American Avocets that had been reported yesterday. The Cattle Egret was conveniently waiting for me out in the open at Benning Marsh. I took some video just which was made difficult by the bright sun and white egret but I thought it was … Read More

Back in Florida!

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Classes are over, the Birding Cup is over, the Biggest Week is over and now I am back down in Florida. Anna has been down here since January working with the ‘Southeastern’ American Kestrels around the Gainesville area, and now I am also working with her. Our primary tasks are monitoring the kestrel nest boxes, banding chicks, and finding natural … Read More

History of Cattle Egrets in Pennsylvania

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After four Cattle Egrets showed up nearby I became interested in the background story of Cattle Egrets in Pennsylvania. I remember seeing small flocks of Cattle Egrets when I was younger but they have been much harder to come by since I have been birding more seriously. Cattle Egrets were first reported in the U.S. in the  1940’s and it … Read More

Centre County Cattle Egrets

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I picked up another Centre County life bird today after Chuck reported four Cattle Egrets hanging out with some cattle behind his house. It was fun to watch these small egrets forage close to the car as I tried to get some photos. Cattle Egrets have had a very interesting history in North America. Starting in the 1950’s the Cattle … Read More

Hummelstown Cattle Egrets

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After getting several brief looks at the Anna’s Hummingbird over the course of about 4 hours, I headed to Hummelstown where several Cattle Egrets were reported over the last week. I was able to digiscope several shots that turned out pretty nice. It’s been a while since I have seen any Cattle Egrets in Pennsylvania. There have been quite a … Read More