Lock Haven Trumpeter Swans

This morning I chased the reported Trumpeter Swans on Bald Eagle Creek just south of Lock Haven. I almost missed them at first because they were both in the middle of the creek with their head and neck in the water and looked just like snow covered rocks. According to Wayne Laubscher, these are both adult Trumpeter Swans which are probably from the Ontario reintroduction program at Wye Marsh.

The swans are for the most part very easy to observe because Creek Road runs right along Bald Eagle Creek. They did occasionally stick to the near bank which would make them hard to see as you are driving past. The swans also seem unwary of human presence and ignored me as they floated downstream close to where I was standing.

Google Map of Trumpeter Swan location and Wayne Laubscher’s directions-

From Rt. 220 take the Lock Haven exit to Paul Mack Blvd.  Turn south onto Paul Mack.  Take the first right turn (going south on Paul Mack) just past the traffic light at the bottom of the ramp.  The turn is somewhat hard to notice.  Follow that road east to the nearby Castanea Fire Co. Hall and continue past the fire hall on the creek road for about 1/2 mile and look for the swans.  There is no good place to pull off the road but the traffic is light, so pull over to the side a bit and use flashers.

feeding Trumpeter Swan

Trumpeter Swans with wingtags (C17 and L07)

Trumpeter Swan showing the V-shaped border on the forehead