Checklist a day maps

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The maps below are part of the Nemesis Bird Checklist a Day challenge. The Canada and US maps below show how many eBirders are currently submitting at least one checklist per day. Bookmark this page as it will be updated frequently. The below map shows how many people in each country are keeping up with submitting a checklist per day. … Read More

Thanksgiving Rarity Round-up Summary

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It has taken me a month to finally post about all the rarities and other cool birds that Josh Lefever, Ian Gardner, and I chased through the southern New England states over the weekend before Thanksgiving. Since they are scattered around our archives throughout the last month, I thought I would make it easier and summarize the trip very briefly … Read More

Reading Northern Wheatear photos

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This afternoon Michael Slater found a Northern Wheatear along the railroad tracks near Reading Area Community College in Reading, Berks County, Pennsylvania. Most recently it was best seen by going down to the end of Chestnut Street. Check the maps for the area detail. Chuck Chalfant hightailed it up to Reading and took a couple photos which you can see below. … Read More

Rarity Round-Up: A Four Day Birding Adventure

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Click on links throughout this post to see our full eBird checklists and more photos for the locations mentioned! Last week I was sitting around campus with my friends Mark Mizak and Josh Lefever, thinking about the upcoming Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend. We knew we would have four days free and we knew we wanted to go birding. … Read More

Berks County Gyrfalcon

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Here I am posting updates on the Gyrfalcon so that hopefully lots of folks get to see it and document it. You can view a map of the area below and if you follow the link below the map you can also add your own sightings to help other people get on the bird. Scroll down for a drawing of … Read More

Painted Bunting – Washington Boro

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This morning Justin Bosler located an immature male Painted Bunting in Washington Boro, Lancaster County. Tom Amico arrived at about 12:15pm and managed several photos of the bunting which are below. For updates, check the listserv. According to Dick Cleary, the bunting was refound at 2:00 and again at 2:15 in the brush between route 441 and the railroad tracks … Read More

County Listing

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Birders keep lists- life lists, year lists, state lists, birds on a wire list, birds seen from the sunroof- it’s one of the quirky things we birders do. The way I see it, these little games keep things interesting through the slow periods in the winter and mid-summer when birds are less vocal and little migration is happening. One ‘meta-list’ … Read More

Lock Haven Trumpeter Swans

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This morning I chased the reported Trumpeter Swans on Bald Eagle Creek just south of Lock Haven. I almost missed them at first because they were both in the middle of the creek with their head and neck in the water and looked just like snow covered rocks. According to Wayne Laubscher, these are both adult Trumpeter Swans which are … Read More

More shrikes at Bald Eagle

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I ran out to Bald Eagle State Park today to do some birding and hopefully find the shrikes that have been reported in the park. Most people have been able to find the shrike that is hanging around the park entrance and the campground area although it covers a lot of area and can be tricky to find, especially with … Read More