Back from Florida….

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Well I am back from Florida. I met up with two friends of mine yesterday in Lake Placid and we drove straight back home to Pennsylvania and pulled into my driveway at noon today. I spent 12 days down in the Sunshine State birding and it was a ton of fun. Anna and I started off the trip by birding around the … Read More

First birds of ’11

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I love it. It’s that time of year again when I reset my year list and every single species is just waiting to get back on. It might also be the part of birding that most confuses the non-birders around us. They say, “But you just saw a Cooper’s Hawk yesterday, why are you so excited about seeing it again?”, … Read More

2010 – My Biggest Year!

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I started off 2010 terribly sick and I didn’t leave the house for a few days. Once I got better, Anna Fasoli and I drove down to Blackwater NWR in Maryland to officially start off our 2010 birding year. We picked up 60 species in one day. On Febuary 24th, I drove down to Herndon, Virginia to see the Varied … Read More

Half of a Centre County big year

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Since moving to State College in June, I have been birding a lot, getting to know the area and its different hotspots. I was also able to do some productive birding during spring migration, picking up harder to find birds like Red-necked Phalarope and Mourning Warbler. Fall migration was excellent and I was able to find most of the expected … Read More

birdcountr 1.5 review

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It’s been in the App Store for several months at this point but it is definitely high time that I review the excellent bird listing app, Birdcountr (iTunes link; $4.99). This is a category of birding app that has been largely unfulfilled up to this point. As a disclaimer, I was a beta tester for this app as it was … Read More

Sanderling on mud

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A few days ago at Conejohela Flats, I was treated to my first Sanderling in Pennsylvania. Soon after we landed on the flats it was running around with a Whimbrel, similar to the Buff-breasted Sandpiper the day before. I am used to seeing flocks of Sanderlings on the shore, chasing waves back and forth as they feed. It is quite … Read More

Wood Sandpiper pictures

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Friday afternoon I posted that I was off to chase the Wood Sandpiper being seen in Delaware. I got picked up at my house around 11am and by about 1:30pm we were driving down Broadkill Road, looking for a swarm of cars. When we pulled in, people seemed to be milling around, not really looking at anything in particular. This … Read More

Search for the Western Tanager

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Sunday afternoon a post showed up on the PA Birds listserv stating that a Western Tanager had been found at John Heinz NWR. Not much detail at first but as people descended on the refuge to look for it they posted that it was a female and that it was being seen near the observation deck. Luckily for me, Monday … Read More

Young gulls

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On Monday I headed to Cape May, NJ with a friend to look for a Dovekie that had been reported on Two Mile Beach. There was also a Barnacle Goose hanging around and both of these birds would have been lifers for me. Red Crossbills and an Ash-throated Flycatcher were being seen on Cape May Island which would both be … Read More

Listing in PA and the run to see the AWPE

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To start off with, I want to say that my Pennsylvania list is not really that impressive. Yet. I have been making great strides now that I have been spending more time in PA. I believe I was at around 240 about this time last year, and I am currently sitting at 257, with about 13 that I should be … Read More