A Photo Guide to Birders

Help us caption these photos!

The pursuit of rare birds can frequently lead to amusing scenes. I have captioned the photos but would love to see what you can come up with, let us know in the comments!

“…if you’re up here she’s just to the left of the patio grill…”

“Now did you get your looks?”…
“…No sir, I didn’t see the undertail coverts yet.”

…”flying.. up… now right… up again. Coming down towards the white trash bag, up past the tire… will be disappearing behind the landfill berm soon… … NOW!!”

“It’s hard focusing”
“Agreed. We should spread out a bit”


Why not?

“We dipped, we dipped.”

“Did anybody take a good shot at it yet?”

Thanksgiving Day
“I guess we’ve all switched Turkey for Quail today.”