County Listing

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Birders keep lists- life lists, year lists, state lists, birds on a wire list, birds seen from the sunroof- it’s one of the quirky things we birders do. The way I see it, these little games keep things interesting through the slow periods in the winter and mid-summer when birds are less vocal and little migration is happening. One ‘meta-list’ … Read More

eBird Tutorial- Merging personal locations to hotspots

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One of the cornerstones of the whole eBird system is the idea of hotspots. Hotspots allow people to submit sightings for a common location and this combined effort results in more accurate bar charts for that location. Seasonal distribution for species at hotspots can be calculated based on hundreds or even thousands of checklists rather than the few checklists that … Read More

Tutorial- eBird recent sightings gadget

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I was recently asked if there was a way to see all the birds recently reported to eBird for particular locations. It would be a great way to follow what other people are seeing and what to expect when out birding. There is in fact something like this, available as a Google Gadget. I have been using several on my … Read More

More Shiloh Rd Rough-legged Hawks

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I stopped by the Shiloh Rd grasslands yesterday and a light morph roughleg was perched right in the interchange, oblivious to all the traffic around it. After a short scan of the extensive grasslands I only came up with one other roughleg, another light morph. This is the smallest number of roughlegs I have seen here in over a month … Read More

Pennsylvania eBird comparison

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After posting the graphs of eBird submissions in Centre County I ran through the View and Explore Data part of eBird and did the same thing for Pennsylvania. The comparison is interesting because it shows that quite a few people across the state have kept detailed lists and entered these historical sightings back at least several decades. If anyone has been … Read More

Centre County, PA eBird

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Since it was launched in 2002, eBird has been providing birders with an easy way to keep track of their sightings and the satisfaction of knowing that their sightings will be contributing to the knowledge of bird distributions and occurrences. Broad adoption of eBird by birders has been relatively quick with over 100,000 lists submitted from across the country during … Read More

On the power of submitting more to eBird

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Tim Schreckengost and I spent several hours this morning walking around Toftrees in search of sparrows and any lingering birds that hadn’t been scared south by the snow. I try not to set expectations too high on a cold, snowy morning like today as so was pretty happy with the 28 species we saw. We saw lots of sparrows- American … Read More

Grasshopper Sparrow abundances

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eBird has just started releasing some really neat animations of the abundances of birds throughout the year. They have been giving some supercomputer processor time to analyze the millions of data points that birders have submitted across the US. One thing that really jumped out at me when I first saw this animation is how low the densities are in … Read More

Expansion of Eurasian Collared-Doves in the US

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On his Notes from Soggy Bottom blog, Bill Pulliam just posted a fascinating visualization of the spread of Eurasian Collared-Doves in the last couple decades. Using data from eBird, he compiled this animation of the range expansion between 1984 and 2010. The expansion is really quite impressive during the last ten years. One important thing to point out about the … Read More

Pintail parade

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Octorara Lake has been a great spot to see Northern Pintails this year. The last time I checked the area off of Mt Eden Rd, there were probably close to one thousand pintails feeding there. I was looking for a previously reported Eurasian Wigeon but struck out on that.  Eurasian Wigeons have made quite a showing in PA this year, … Read More