Photo Study: Dickcissels in Mercer County, PA

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Drew recently posted about this summer’s influx of Dickcissel sightings throughout Pennsylvania. This past Saturday, I was finally able to get in on the action and visit a site in Mercer County where quite a few Dickcissels have been seen over the past two weeks. After a few minutes of trying to find the exact spot, my friend Josh Lefever … Read More

Dickcissel Summer

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[dc]T[/dc]his year, Pennsylvania is experiencing an increase in Dickcissel sightings, particularly in the western counties. Whether this is more coverage by birders or actual increases is hard to tell. Yesterday, Bob Mulvihill shared a great article he wrote in Pennsylvania Birds on the Dickcissel invasion in 1988 which linked that influx to the droughts in the central part of the US. … Read More

Tips for eBirding the PA Migration Count

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Each year on the second Saturday of May, Pennsylvania birders hit the forests, lakes and fields to find as many species as they can in each county. This is a great opportunity to get out and bird at the peak of spring warbler migration. The goal of the project is to gain a better understanding of the populations of birds … Read More

Review: BirdsEye BirdLog

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Finally. An app to submit eBird checklists was just released and I am pretty pumped about it. BirdsEye BirdLog has been available for Android and in testing for iPhone for quite a while as they worked out the kinks and made it better. With its official release today, I expect to see an uptick in submissions as people latch on … Read More

Birds to Look For – Centre Co, PA (Last week of March)

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This coming weekend marks the beginning of the last week of March. April is so close and beginning in just the first week of April, we will see huge pushes of newly-arriving spring migrants into our area. This last week of March is very important too, however, and I have tried to go through eBird bar charts for Centre County … Read More

Spring Migration Predictions – Second Half of March

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If you’ve been out birding recently, you’ll know that there are signs of spring everywhere you look – especially if you are looking at birds! Snow Geese just staged their massive showing at Middle Creek WMA, Ring-billed Gulls are flowing up our rivers by the thousands, and Eastern Phoebes are popping up all over! Spring migration is in full swing, … Read More

The PA 150 Ticks Project

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Recently, there was a challenge issued on the PA Birders facebook page that, as a community, we should attempt to report 150 species to eBird for each county. I thought this was a worthy challenge and so I made some maps of the eBird data from 2011 for inspiration. In 2011, we managed 11,362 county ticks with all our effort combined. … Read More

Review: Audubon Birds, now with more eBird

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Audubon Birds – A Field Guide to North American Birds v1.9 $19.99 from the Green Mountain Digital A new version of Audubon Birds: A field guide to North American Birds was just recently released and I’ve now had some time to use it and check out the new features. The main part of the app is the field guide. What sets … Read More

Increase in Centre County eBird usage

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Soon after I arrived in State College a year and a half ago, I took on the task of reviewing eBird sightings. Along with that I encouraged area birders to submit more lists to eBird. Last January I began to make a concerted effort to get more people submitting more checklists of their Centre County birding excursions to eBird. More … Read More

Birding Around Gainesville – Day 1

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Now that Anna and I have finally made it to Gainesville, and Anna will be living and working here till July, we wanted to go out birding around the city today and try and familiarize ourselves with a few of the local birding hotspots as well as try and pick up some more new year birds. Our first stop of the day … Read More