Short-ear time at Middle Creek WMA

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During February and March Short-eared Owls can be found in large areas of tall grass, agricultural land, and marshes around Pennsylvania and much of the northern half of the country. One of the best locations in PA to see Short-eared Owls is Middle Creek WMA on the border of Lancaster and Lebanon Counties. Unlike other owls, where you either have … Read More

Lititz CBC 2012

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Tomorrow I am headed on a trip through MD, DE, and NJ so today was my last full day of birding in Pennsylvania for the year. 2012 has been a great year of birding for me in the state, with my highest state year list ever – 292 species. I guess I should have tried a little harder and tried … Read More

Summer Tanagers nesting in Lebanon County, PA

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Chad Kauffman, Wayne Laubscher, and I made a quick stop at Middle Creek WMA this morning to try and find the breeding Dickcissel and Blue Grosbeaks there. We were quickly able to find both of our target birds and even hear them singing. After that we made the quick jump over to Aspen Lane near Mt Gretna in Lebanon County to … Read More

Video Quiz: Greater & Lesser Scaup

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A first for us here at Nemesisbird: a video quiz! The first part of the video features a side-by-side comparison of drake Greater and Lesser Scaup. The birds are far away, and the lighting and resolution is not the best. But this is so often the case when viewing waterfowl in the wild! “National Geographic” cover-photos are the rare exception. … Read More

Unsuccessful Search for the Mountain Bluebird

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This morning Chris Markiewicz and I drove over to Middle Creek WMA to search for the Mountain Bluebird that was found there a few days ago. This would have been a new PA state bird for me but unfortunately we did not see it. We left around 10:00am and there were still birders around searching for the bluebird. If I … Read More

Conowingo Dam and Middle Creek – 12/17/10

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Today was my first day back in Hershey for winter break. Chris and Mark Markiewicz and their friend Paul, and I went down to Conowingo Dam to see if there were good numbers of Bald Eagles around. We all went last year at this time and saw hundreds of eagles, this year was much different. We ended up seeing a … Read More

The Snow Goose phenomenon

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Every year at this time, a natural phenomenon is occuring at Middle Creek Wildlife Management area. Until mid-February, Snow Geese were hanging out in the Delaware Bay and south, pigging out and waiting for the weather to start warming up. Snow Geese numbers start building towards the end of February and usually reach a peak at Middle Creek around the … Read More

Two different White Ibises

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left: @ Middle Creek by Geoff Malosh- right: @ Conejohela Flats by Drew Weber Above is a comparison of a photo Geoff Malosh took of the Middle Creek White Ibis with a photo of the ibis I took at Conejohela Flats. Although these pictures show different sides of the bill, Geoff has another picture that shows both sides of the … Read More