Unsuccessful Search for the Mountain Bluebird

This morning Chris Markiewicz and I drove over to Middle Creek WMA to search for the Mountain Bluebird that was found there a few days ago. This would have been a new PA state bird for me but unfortunately we did not see it. We left around 10:00am and there were still birders around searching for the bluebird. If I didn’t have to pack to leave for Idaho later today I would have stuck around longer. Luckily, other birds were active and put on some good shows. Chris and I were able to find 51 species, including 6 that were new for me for the year. Highlights were one Cackling Goose foraging with some Snow Geese and about 48 Wilson’s Snipe. There was also a strange-looking leucistic Canada Goose. Below are a few photos from this morning; it was snowing heavily so pardon the bad image quality.

Wilson's Snipe

Cackling Goose and Snow Goose

Ring-necked Pheasant

Funky Canada Goose