Another night of storms and strong coastal migration

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Regional Overview Last night a large front passed through the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast which really slowed migration over most of the region except for the coast and just inland from the coast. Albany, New York City and coastal New Jersey are likely to experience some excellent fallout conditions were the front hit some of the strongest migration yet this spring. … Read More

World Series of Birding Migration update

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Composite NEXRAD for midnight

This should have gone up last night in preparation for the big day but better late than never! The World Series of Birding is a big fundraising event in New Jersey run by New Jersey Audubon. Teams race across the state (or a specific county), tallying up as many species as they can from midnight to midnight. Weather can play … Read More

Strong East Coast flow, Ohio fallout

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Regional Overview The first strong migration up the East Coast in quite a while, last night should have brought a significant turnover in species to areas that have been severely lacking in spring migrants. The flight was strongest right up the coast while inland it was not quite as strong through the entire night. Diversity should be high at spring … Read More

Migration returns to the East

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Regional Overview It has been a really long dry spell for the East Coast but things are looking up. Migration was moderate over Pennsylvania, New York and New Jersey for the first time in over a week which should bring in a broad diversity of warblers and other migrants. Central Pennsylvania has the potential for some fallout as rain drifted … Read More

Pesky high moves to the coast

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Regional Overview Inland locations that have been plagued with several days of limited migration should have gotten a very nice influx of birds last night. Central Pennsylvania finally got some birds showing up on the radar but it still looks like we are going to be waiting another day for a huge night of migration. The Ohio Valley exhibited the … Read More

Moderate migration with some Mid-Atlantic blocking

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National Composite Reflectivity from around midnight

Regional Overview Last night we had some good conditions for some solid migration, but the high pressure system which I thought had moved out over the Atlantic was still lingering in the Mid-Atlantic. Basically there was a dead-zone of very little movement from North Carolina up through central PA, while all around birds were streaming north everywhere else. We really … Read More

Broad migration with coastal fallout potential

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Regional Overview A big storm worked its way across the Ohio Valley and Southeast last night but the birds did not seem to care. Migration was strong everywhere except right where the storm was happening, which is a key component in a good fallout. I think the best places to expereience some fallout birding this morning would be along the … Read More

The East finally gets some migration

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Regional Overview It wasn’t extremely heavy migration, but the East Coast did see more widespread migration last night than we have for a while. A combination of clear skies and winds with a south component finally allowed migrants to get up and move. Expect a widespread influx of migrants from Florida to Maine. A cool thing to look at is … Read More

High pressure limits movement in Northeast

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Regional Overview High pressure really slowed down migrants from entering and moving over the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast. The NEXRAD stations in the Mid-Atlantic showed light movement but it really thinned out by the time you get up to New York. Winds will change around and blow from the south over the next several days so we should start to really … Read More

Massive storm wipes migration out from west to east

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Regional Overview A large storm that continues to drift eastward across a continent and the stationary front parked over PA seemed to temper migration some last night. If you check out the Hurtado animation for last night, you can see that migration seemed to flow out of the Mid-Atlantic states up into New York. Overall, migration seemed stronger inland than along … Read More