Ruff at Chincoteague NWR, Virginia

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Originally discovered by Joe and Jeff Greco on June 27th, Zak Poulton and I raced up from Kiptopeke the following evening and were able to find the bird along the Wildlife Loop. Ruff are rare vagrants to Chincoteague NWR, with about 16 previous records on the refuge itself. Based on the similarity in plumage coloration and timing with a Ruff found … Read More

A successful chase: Black-throated Gray Warbler

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This afternoon as I was picking up Justine after classes at SUNY-ESF, I got a text message that a Black-throated Gray Warbler had been spotted and confirmed at Sunset Bay Park in Oswego County. Well, I had little hope of zipping right up there because Justine has a big stats exam to study for, but amazingly I managed to convince … Read More

La Sagra’s Flycatcher – Green Cay Nature Center

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From early January until around March 8th, 2013 a La Sagra’s Flycatcher was hanging out around the parking lot and boardwalk to the Green Cay Nature Center in Palm Beach County, Florida. The La Sagra’s Flycatcher is a comparatively small member of the Myiarchus genus of tyrant flycatchers, and is native to the West Indies. Almost annually, one will show up in … Read More

Second time’s the charm! – Snowy Owl in St. Catharines, Ontario

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Back in mid-February I joined the Pennsylvania Society for Ornithology on a four day trip through Ontario, in search of  boreal specialties. On the first day of the trip, we visited Amherst Island and were treated to distant views of a Snowy Owl. By distant, I mean really distant – the owl was basically just a white blob far out … Read More

White-cheeked Pintail just in time for the 110th anniversary of Pelican Island NWR

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So far this winter, Florida has had an incredible spree of West Indian vagrants turn up. One of the most interesting is an adult White-cheeked Pintail that was discovered by Molly McCarter at Pelican Island NWR on January 29th. White-cheeked Pintails are residents of the West Indies and Caribbean, commonly occurring year-round as close to Florida as Cuba and the … Read More

Gainesville’s Groove-billed Ani

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After spending two years surveying for and capturing Yellow-billed Cuckoos along the Lower Colorado River in Arizona and California, I really fell in love with the Cuculidae – they are such uniquely strange birds. Perhaps the strangest are the anis – a group of large, black cuckoos with massive, vertically-flattened bills. I was able to see my lifer ani in … Read More

Western Spindalis – Key West Botanical Gardens, FL

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On December 28th, 2012 Carl Goodrich and Jacob Cooper discovered a female Western Spindalis at the Key West Botanical Gardens, on the Florida Keys. The bird was seen at the gardens almost daily until the first week of January, when reports of the spindalis were only appearing on eBird every 10 days or so. My friends and I were trying … Read More

Thick-billed Vireo – Bill Baggs Cape Florida SP

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Yesterday afternoon, local Miami birder, Angel Abreu discovered a Thick-billed Vireo at the Bill Baggs Cape Florida State Park! There have been less than 10 sightings of this West Indian vagrant in Florida. Lucky for me, I am down in southern Florida right now and was able to shoot over to the state park earlier today and found the bird … Read More

Bohemian Waxwings in Ottawa

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During my recent trip to Canada with the PA Society for Ornithology, we spent our first full day around the Ottawa area and managed to see a Great Gray Owl, a Boreal Owl, and a stunning Northern Hawk Owl. As a group, the owls were certainly our main targets for that day since most people along on the trip had … Read More

Owling in Ottawa – Part 3

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Our day of birding in Ottawa was going wonderfully – we had gotten incredible views of both Great Gray Owl and Boreal Owl, and still had two more major targets lined up for the day. We were running out of daylight, but drove over to the Old Quarry Trail in southwest Ottawa, hoping to find the Northern Hawk Owl that has … Read More