The Prospect Park Progne: a Mega Martin Mystery

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As the doldrums of March draw to a close, spring migration begins to heat up a bit more rapidly. The excitement of the May peak is still a ways out, but the rising anticipation in both birds and birders is palpable. This year, April kicked off with a bang of legendary proportions! The morning of the 1st brought clouds and … Read More

The Snowy Owl’s Supper, a Pellet Mini-Mystery

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My fondness for Snowy Owls is well-documented. I consider myself incredibly fortunate to live in a corner of the continent where sightings of these nomadic raptors are an annual occurrence. I’ve spent many a winter’s day trudging about on the barrier beaches of Long Island in search of Snowies. It was through such scouting efforts that I honed my field … Read More

ANSWERS–Grab Bag Bird ID Quiz

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Here are the much anticipated results for the most recent bird id quiz. They are in the same order as the quiz photos. If you haven’t tried your luck with the ID quiz, read no further and go test your skills on the 5 tricky photos. Then you can come back to see how you did.      

Heron Hybrid – Merritt Island NWR, Florida

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On March 25th, a very interesting heron was photographed by two birders at Merrrit Island NWR, near Titusville on the Atlantic Coast of Florida. Ann Gaillard and Joyce Stefancic both photographed the heron shown below independently of each other along the Black Point Wildlife Drive, and allowed me permission to show their photos on this post. Study these first two … Read More

Mystery flycatcher

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When I am out birding, I don’t always get the look I want at every bird. In fact, this is almost always the case. Just this morning there was an adult male that dropped down into the vegetation after barely giving me a chance to ID it. I could see it skulking around between the weedy stems but all I … Read More

Mystery shorebird photos from the The Great Bucktoe Shorebird Watch

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Each spring, Larry Lewis and crew hold The Great Bucktoe Kite/Shorebird Watch at the Bucktoe Creek Preserve to scan the skies nightly for Mississippi Kites and for shorebird flocks taking to the sky and winging north. Holly Merker forwarded me a couple photos of the distant shorebirds, in hopes that someone would be able to pin a name to them. … Read More

Mystery Bird Quiz

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It has been a long time since we have done a bird quiz here on Nemesis Bird, but I took some photos of a bird two weekends ago that I thought would be perfect to test peoples ID skills. Below are two photos of the bird. The background of the shots are a bit overexposed, but that is not affecting … Read More

Answers to Forest Fest Mystery Bird Quiz

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This past weekend, we celebrated Forest Fest at Penn State. At the festival, the avian outreach class had a table set up that talked about birding, demonstrated bird banding, and led a guided bird walk through the arboretum. We also had 10 photos, that I took, of 10 different species of birds for people to try and identify. Below are the photos … Read More

Answer to Mystery Bird Quiz

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About 12 people responded to the Mystery Bird Quiz I posted on September 5th. The guesses that I received comprised of seven different species; Pine Warbler, Blackburnian Warbler, Yellow-rumped Warbler, Blackpoll Warbler, Cape May Warbler, American Pipit, and Varied Thrush. The most votes were for American Pipit and Pine Warbler. Let’s take another look at the photos I had originally … Read More

Mystery Bird Quiz

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We haven’t had a Mystery Bird Quiz here on Nemesis Bird for a while, but when I snapped the photos below the other day while Drew and I were out hawk watching, we both knew we had to use them. So, here ya go….a few photos of a small bird in flight. Leave your answers as comments on this post. … Read More