Weekend Digiscoping Spotlight 28

The Weekend Digiscoping Spotlight will highlight some of the fun shots we’ve gotten recently with a camera paired with a spotting scope or binoculars. We welcome submissions of your favorite digiscoped shots to be featured in future spotlights, just use the contact form in the menu above.

Anhinga digiscoped at Blue Heron wetlands

Yeah, I know that an Anhinga was last weeks digiscoping spotlight, but Anhingas are just too cool, and we were in prime territory for them. Tim, Bill Schmoker and I were tooling around Blue Heron Water Reclamation Facility and wetlands when this Anhinga perched on a stump right next to us and proceeded to dry out its feathers just as the sun came out. The striking white coverts on the jet black wings are stunning, and with their bulging eyes and hairy looking neck, these birds are just so prehistoric looking.

The Blue Heron Wetlands are pretty neat, designed so that any effluent not utilized in the reclaimed water distribution system of the treatment plant can be diverted to the wetland area. The wetland is divided into separate cells: one pond cell, three deep marsh cells, and three shallow marsh cells separated by earthen berms. After the water flows through the cells, it is discharged into the Addison Canal, which is a tributary of the St. Johns River. The place is hopping with wetland birds, and is a great place for birding and photography.

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