Return of the Waterfowl

Ducks, geese, grebes and loons are coming back which is exciting as it is one of the groups of birds that I am largely missing from my Centre County bird list, having moved to the area too late to catch them on their northbound migration in the spring. I just added both Red-necked Grebe and Black Scoter to my county lists this morning, two species I thought I might have difficulty actually finding.

I thought I would show off some of my digiscope shots of waterfowl that I have taken over the years. They are of varying quality and it is mostly dependent on how close I was able to get to the birds.

American Wigeon- Cape May, New Jersey

Blue-winged Teal- John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

American Coot- John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge

Ring-necked Duck at Middle Creek WMA

Cackling Goose at Greenfield Ponds in Lancaster Co, PA

Snow Geese at Middle Creek WMA

Canvasback in Harrisburg, PA

Ruddy Duck at Middle Creek WMA

Lesser Scaup at Middle Creek WMA

Horned Grebe at West Fairview boat launch, Harrisburg, PA