This Week in Birding 63

This Week in Birding

:: Last weekend’s Galveston Bay oil spill is threatening the nearby Bolivar Flats Shorebird Sanctuary

:: A breeding pair of endangered Hawaiian Geese, the state bird of Hawaii, thought to have been absent from the island of Oahu for hundreds of years, has been found nesting there. The Hawaiian Goose, or Nene, is a descendant of the Canada Goose which arrived in Hawaii almost one million years ago, shortly after the islands were formed.

:: Newcastle Disease Virus (NDV), which is highly contagious and often fatal for poultry and pigeons, might be a possible cancer treatment in humans

:: In the United States, House Republicans are hoping to prove that the Obama Administration is selectively enforcing wildlife laws to prosecute oil and gas companies while sparing wind-energy farms, and bird deaths are coming into play

:: A Project NestWatch volunteer has discovered the first known Eastern Bluebird twins

:: Officials are telling bird watchers in New Hampshire to remove feeders because they’re attracting bears this Spring

:: Holland Cotter reviews the new “Audubon’s Aviary: Parts Unknown” (Part II of the Complete Flock), exhibit for The New York Times

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