This week in birding 59

:: The American Birding Association just announced the winners of the Young Birder of the Year contest

:: The House Sparrow is a thriving species in North America, but its population is declining in its native land. To raise awareness of the population decline, the Nature Forever Society has launched World House Sparrow day on March 20th — mark your calendars to help save a declining species!

:: A Kakapo chick has hatched out of an egg that was crushed by its mother and then mended with glue and tape by park rangers. The Kakopo is a critically endangered species with only 125 birds left.

:: The hybridization zone of Black-capped and Carolina Chickadees is moving northward as a result of climate change

:: A team of international scientists has created the first comprehensive global database to track avian flu outbreaks

:: Something new with Spring in the air: a podcast from the most recent episode of CBC Radio’s comedy show, Laugh Out Loud, featuring (in the last five minutes or so) comedian Pete Zedlacher on the American Eagle vs. Canada Goose.

:: More waterfowl seeking open water this winter, this time in Vermont

:: A video story about an Australian wildlife group which is asking volunteers to knit sweaters for penguins caught in oil spills

:: Budgerigars have a built-in bias when flying to avoid obstructions when flying

:: An 81-year-old Florida woman remains in jail for feeding a bear and other wildlife, after she allegedly violated the terms of her probation by feeding birds

:: The National Wild Turkey Federation in East Texas is now also involved in habitat restoration and preservation projects for quail, pheasant, grouse as well as wild turkeys

:: Author Christopher Irmscher on the recent Bien Chromolithographic edition ofAudubon’s Birds of America

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