This Week in Birding 43

This Week in Birding

:: 14-year-old Khalid Boudreau has discovered British Columbia’s second-known breeding grounds of the endangered American White Pelican.

American White Pelicans at American Falls Dam, Idaho (Alex Lamoreaux)

American White Pelicans at American Falls Dam, Idaho (Alex Lamoreaux)

:: A study by some Idaho scientists shows that traffic noise has more of an effect on birds than previously thought.

:: Climate change is changing the timing of bird migration, especially in long distance migrants

:: There is a new Young Birders Club in Burgos, Spain

:: An article from National Geographic about how albatrosses are such efficient flyers

:: Rome is being overwhelmed by the amount of dropping around the city from millions of migrating starlings

:: A cooling spell in Antarctica 10 million years ago may have spurred penguin evolution

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