This Week in Birding 36

Charlotte Wasylik is a young, active birder hailing from Alberta, Canada. A junior in high school, she has already done an internship with Long Point Bird Observatory helping with migration monitoring. Charlotte frequently posts excellent collections of birding news on her own Prairie Birder blog and will now be crossposting them on Nemesis Bird as well. We are looking forward to all of her updates as she highlights some of the most interesting and important bird-related news and stories of the week. – Drew

The crossbill often perched precariously as it consumed the seeds (Photo by Anna Fasoli)

The Winter Finch Forecast is out! (Photo by Anna Fasoli)


:: The University of Alberta has created a citizen science project to help accurately estimate the number of bird window collisions in residential homes in Canada.

:: The 2013-2014 Winter Finch Forecast is out!

:: A dramatic increase in the Ross’s Goose population is causing ecological damage to the Arctic 

:: Urban birds in Britain fare better in colder weather than rural birds do

:: The US Fish & Wildlife Service has proposed an Endangered Species Act listing of ‘threatened’ for the rufa Red Knot

:: The ABA’s Young Birders Blog — The Eyrie – has moved to a new blog address. Make sure you check their blog out and add the new URL to your favourite blog reader!

:: A game cam in Russia got some amazing photographs of a Golden Eagle taking down and killing a Sika Deer

:: The once-abundant Common Loon is facing declines in Canada

:: Black Cockatoos in Western Australia are recolonizing replanted forests at former mining sites.

:: An article by Nick Walker for the October issue of Canadian Geographic about citizen science and the important research that Bird Studies Canada does (full disclosure — I’m interviewed at the end of the article)

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