Nemesis Bird logo competition – Enter to Win!

Nemesis Bird is looking for a new logo that we can use on our website, Facebook page, t-shirts and whatever else we can put the logo on. Since the Nemesis Bird team is mostly creative in other ways than graphic design we thought we would host a little competition to call on the talent of our readers.

What we are looking for.

  1. Features one (or more) ‘nemesis bird’ that many people can relate to, at least across North America.
  2. Appropriate for year round use (this is subject to interpretation)
  3. Scalable – should look good in a small icon as well as a large enough for a t-shirt (minimum of 2000 pixels wide)
  4. We like the color blue. Look at our current header or the cover photo for our Facebook page for inspiration. All designs should look good on a variety of backgrounds, but especially blue.
  5. Feel free to look through our site and use our photos for inspiration. You can use any of the photos attributed to Drew Weber or Alex Lamoreaux in your design.

The details.

  1. Anyone is free to contribute a design (email the files to drewweber AT
  2. Submit entries by Jan 1, as a large PNG, TIFF or high quality JPG (and the original Photoshop file if it has one). If it’s too large to email, you can Dropbox it to the above address.
  3. Limit of 3 entries per person.
  4. At the end of the contest, we will post all the designs for a short comment period to see what people like and to check out all the creativity.
  5. Nemesis Bird Team will then choose their favorite design as the winner.

The prize package.

Winner selects any/all of the below prizes.

  1. Choose (1) from a selection of bird books. Options include Princeton Guide to Birds of Central Asia, Parrots of the World, Good Birders Don’t Wear White, 100 Birds and How They Got Their Name, The Young Birder’s Guide.
  2. A single print from one of Alex Lamoreaux’s photos
  3. A peregrine falcon silhouette static sticker. Keep birds from hitting your windows or pimp out your car window.
  4. Discount on any merchandise on the Nemesis Bird swag shop for one (1) year.
  5. Credit and link at the bottom of the blog if we use the logo on the site.

The fine print

The choice of winner is solely up to the Nemesis Bird Team. All entries become the exclusive property of Nemesis Bird. Submissions may be printed, reproduced, distributed or modified at our sole discretion on, or any other media or publication or web site. No compensation (other than prizes listed above) will be paid for any such use of the submissions.