2012 Patch Contest – February results

Here are the February totals for the patch list competition. We are now up to 62 patches! Bucktoe Creek Preserve seems to be running away with the species total at 70 although the playing field may not be level since that is a multi-person effort. That’s not a big deal though since this competition is all for fun. It is nice to see a bunch of patches over 50 species, as well as many patches that are having more than 1 or 2 checklists submitted each week. That is producing some great data on seasonal abundance and spring arrivals!

Keep up the good work everyone and check out the January results to compare. There is still plenty of time to join in the fun by following the instructions here.

Category 1
ObserverPatch NameChecklistsSpecies
Alex LamoreauxDuck Pond, Centre, US-PA2223
Andrew WeberDuck Pond, Centre, US-PA2219
Alyssia ChurchDuck Pond, Centre, US-PA1518
Carl EngstromLederer Park, Centre, US-PA514
michael dreibelbisDuck Pond, Centre, US-PA411
Category 2:
ObserverPatch NameChecklistsSpecies
Amy DavisExton Park CFS, Chester, US-PA1153
Gordon DimmigElizabethtown Water Authority, Lancaster, US-PA327
michael dreibelbisJulian wetlands, Centre, US-PA711
John De WolfExton Park, US-PA16
Category 3:
ObserverPatch NameChecklistsSpecies
Gordon DimmigConewago Trail and Wetlands, Lancaster, US-PA939
Andrew WeberPSU University Park Campus, Centre, US-PA3736
Amy DavisStruble Trail, Chester, US-PA332
Jim FiorentinoLVRT, Cornwall, Lebanon, US-PA326
Alex LamoreauxPSU University Park Campus, Centre, US-PA5225
Alyssia ChurchWalnut Springs/Lederer Park, Centre, US-PA520
NateFronkPSU University Park Campus, US-PA1014
Greg GroveSummit School Rd, Huntingdon, US-PA512
Category 4:
ObserverPatch NameChecklistsSpecies
Vernon GauthierVarious Ponds Cumberland, US-PA1659
Michael GardnerMt. Eden Rd, Lancaster, US-PA449
Michael GardnerLaffy's Pond, Chester Co, US-PA839
Alyssia ChurchMillbrook Marsh, Centre, US-PA1237
Gordon DimmigPrescot Road, Lancaster, US-PA332
Alex LamoreauxPSU Arboretum--Big Hollow, Centre, US-PA830
Greg GroveDavis/Barr Rds loop, Huntingdon, US-PA629
michael dreibelbisColyer Lake, Centre, US-PA1029
Amy DavisSprington Manor Farm, Chester, US-PA125
Andrew WeberColyer Lake, Centre, US-PA525
Carl EngstromMillbrook Marsh Nature Center, Centre, US-PA321
Andrew WeberThe Arboretum at Penn State, Centre, US-PA420
Alyssia ChurchPSU Arboretum--Big Hollow, Centre, US-PA420
Donna MohneyDonegal Lake, US-PA617
Corey HusicGreen Pond Area, Northampton, US-PA2015
Donna MohneyWilpen, US-PA614
Category 5:
ObserverPatch NameChecklistsSpecies
Jim FiorentinoMiddle Creek Wildlife Area, Lancaster & Lebanon, US-PA958
Vernon GauthierBig Spring Creek Cumberland, US-PA849
Gordon DimmigMiddle Creek WMA, Lancaster, US-PA446
Vernon GauthierMudlevel Road Cumberland, US-PA923
Gordon DimmigDonegal Springs Farmland, Lancaster, US-PA519
Robin SmithDallastown/Red Lion Patch, York, US-PA5118
Jason WellerGamelands 212, Snyder, US-PA116
Gordon DimmigSusquehanna River - Falmouth Access, Lancaster, US-PA614
Greg GroveMasseyburg PSU forest/RothrockSF, US-PA18
Category 6:
ObserverPatch NameChecklistsSpecies
Bucktoe Creek PreserveBucktoe Creek Preserve, Chester Co., US-PA2070
Stephen KloiberCherry Valley NWR, Monroe, US-PA958
Alex LamoreauxBald Eagle State Park, Centre, US-PA757
Andrew WeberBald Eagle State Park, Centre, US-PA1356
Michael GardnerBucktoe Creek Preserve, Chester Co, US-PA452
Barbara RitzheimerSwatara State Park, US-PA2947
michael dreibelbisBald Eagle State Park, Centre, US-PA1642
Anne HurstMiddle Creek WMA, Lancaster, US-PA539
Andrew WeberToftrees gamelands, Centre, US-PA1639
Stephen KloiberJacobsburg State Park, Northampton, US-PA339
Gordon DimmigMasonic Village, Lancaster, US-PA937
Robin SmithWm Kain County Park, York, US-PA4535
NateFronkBald Eagle State Park, Centre, US-PA834
Jason WellerFaylor Lake, Snyder, US-PA333
Shawn CollinsMiller's Pond-Crawford County, US-PA732
Vernon GauthierPA State Game Lands 169 Cumberland, US-PA428
Timothy SchreckengostState Game Lands 262, Indiana, US-PA118
michael dreibelbisToftrees Gamelands, Centre, US-PA114
michael dreibelbisScotia Barrens (SGL 176), Centre, US-PA814
Vincent KoczurikJacobsburg State Park, Northampton, US-PA111
Alex LamoreauxScotia Barrens, Centre, US-PA410
Alyssia ChurchToftrees Gamelands, Centre, US-PA110
peter lusardiState Gamelands 230 - Cumberland Co., US-PA19
NateFronkToftrees gamelands, Centre, US-PA18
NateFronkTioga-Hammond Lakes, Tioga, US-PA14
Andrew WeberScotia Barrens, Centre, US-PA12