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Alpha code apps

Have you ever wondered about the shorthand codes some birders use? Have you seen four letter abbreviations on listservs and felt out of the loop? For all of you iPhone users, there is now any easy to decode these abbreviations or alpha codes. We are excited to introduce our first iPhone and iPad apps for birders. Our most recent update in Sept 2012 added new colors and introduced our unified search feature.

In addition, we have an app just for banders! This app features the banding codes plus the band sizes for each bird.

Learning these codes will come in handy when you are in the field, allowing you to quickly write down a sighting and get back to birding, as well as speeding up data entry in eBird. If you are an avid eBird user, you should learn these codes to enter data quicker, eBird accepts these alpha codes in any of its search bars.

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Bird Codes - Nemesis Code

Bird Codes

A great addition to any birder’s toolkit. Bird Codes was designed to quickly help you search for codes you come across, or to learn codes by searching by the birds’ name. This app features all the birds seen in the AOU area so it is quite extensive.

Band Codes 

This app is targeted to all you bird banders. Quickly search for birds by the four letter alpha code or by name. This app features the codes as defined by the Bird Banding Lab and also shows you band sizes.

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