Snowy Owl Season: Reflections on Winter 2017-18

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Please enjoy owls responsibly

Bubo scandiacus is a highly evocative species. As one of the largest, most striking members of the ever popular owl family, Snowies have a special magic that drives people wild. Wherever these Arctic predators go, excitement bordering on chaos usually follows. I’ve been hooked on Snowy Owls my entire life. I spent my early childhood dragging around a beloved plush … Read More

Track Snowy Owl in (near) real-time!

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One of our goals for this project was to provide you with updated maps to keep tabs on the Snowy Owls we are tracking. Thanks to Don Crockett, this is now a reality! Don worked with us to build some incredible interactive maps, allowing our fans and supporters to follow each of the owls. Under optimal weather conditions, the owls … Read More

Support Project SNOWstorm

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The last couple weeks I and many other collaborators have been scrambling to set up an awesome initiative to learn more about the Snowy Owls that have invaded down through the Midwest and East Coast all the way to Florida! The goals of the project are pretty awesome. First, we want to put transmitters on Snowy Owls to figure out where … Read More