Find the Owls

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Can you find the two owls in this photo? This photo was taken last month along the shoreline of Lake Superior in northern Minnesota. There is a Boreal Owl in this photo as well as a Northern Saw-whet Owl.  Click the image for a larger view of this photo. The answer is posted here. Have fun!

Finding a saw-whet owl

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[dc]A[/dc]round 11 on Sunday morning, Joe Brin called to say that he had relocated the local Northern Saw-whet Owl that has taken up residence along the boardwalk at a nearby nature center. We had searched several times for this owl with no luck and were excited about actually seeing it so we rushed out to meet Joe. We walked down … Read More

PA Fall Migration Predictions – End of Oct: Part 2

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October is a very special time of the year in Pennsylvania. The first week of the month there are still a ton of neotropical migrants around, but then their numbers start to drop off drastically. Coming to the rescue are the sparrows and raptors, which really excel during the second half of the month. Waterfowl also begin to trickle through … Read More

Big Sit 2012 – Allegheny Front Hawk Watch

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The ‘Big Sit’ is an annual birding event that takes places at hundreds of prime birding locations around the world on the second weekend in October. The idea is to pick out a 17ft diameter circle to spend the day in and count as many birds as you and your team can see and/or hear from within that circle. This … Read More

Northern Saw-whet Owl Banding with Wayne Laubscher

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Last evening, Wayne Laubscher who has been banding Northern Saw-whet Owls on his property for quite a few years, invited Drew and I to come out if he ended up catching any owls. Around 9:30pm we got a call from Wayne saying he had just captured a hatch-year saw-whet, so we drove out there as fast as we could and … Read More

Flammulated Owl Surveys Near Island Park, Idaho

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Alex and I have been out the last few nights conducting Flammulated Owl surveys for IBO just a few miles west of Yellowstone National Park.  Last night, Alex and I discovered the grid we wanted to head to required a 3.5 km walk in.  It is pretty much at the base of the continental divide west of Island Park on … Read More