IatB: Cormorants

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The I and the Bird blog carnival is back and now features a different group of birds each time around. This edition is all about cormorants. Alex has 3 posts from Nemesis Bird featured so click the link below and read them! I and the Bird – Cormorants or Darters  

The newest I and the Bird

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Edition #50 of i and the bird has arrived at A Blog Around the Clock, a science blog run by a guy who goes by the screen name Coturnix. Give a read for the lastest in bird blogs. Numero 51 will be hosted by The Birdchaser so send in your submissions to Rob (birdchaser AT hotmail DOT com) by Tuesday, … Read More

I and the Bird 49: the Wordchaser

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For a poem, and the 49th edition of the birding carnival, hop on over to Via Negativa for a good time and interesting read as you peruse the latest, greatest bird posts in the blogosphere.

I and the Bird #42

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The newest I and the Bird is out, featuring a voyage with Darwin as the the Neurophilosopher goes through the top birding blogs of the last two weeks at Neurophilosophy. It is a great journey covering four continents (I think I counted right) and many countries.

I and the Bird #40

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This week’s edition of the birding carnival, I and the Bird, has been posted at Peregrine’s Bird Blog, a birder and from Northern Ireland. Check out I and the Bird #40 and enjoy. This is the first I and the Bird that I have participated in.