Regional Rarity Roundup- first week of April

Thanks to Tim Shreckengost of Words About Birds for writing up the rarity report. Also, thanks to Geoff Malosh and Ed Norman for allowing Nemesis Bird to use their photos for the post. Let us know in the comments of any additional rarities that should be mentioned.

Red-throated Loons have been reported in Dauphin County through Apr. 1, in Clearfield County through Apr. 2, and in Centre County through Mar. 23.

Reports of Red-necked Grebes in Chester County through Apr. 2, in Centre County through Mar. 24, and in Beaver County through Mar. 10. Eared Grebes have also been reported in Erie County at Presque Isle Bay through Apr. 2 and in Centre County through Mar. 24.

Black-crowned Night-Herons continue to be seen in Lancaster County through Apr. 2 and Lebanon County through  Mar. 28.

A Greater White-fronted Goose was seen in Cumberland County through Apr. 3. In Lancaster and Lebanon Counties, Cackling Geese were reported through Apr. 2. Three Trumpeter Swans were observed in Clinton County through Mar. 24.

White-winged Scoters have been reported in Clearfield, Dauphin, and Lancaster Counties through Mar. 31, in Tioga County through Mar. 26, and in Beaver County through Mar. 10. A Surf Scoter was reported in Clearfield County on Apr. 2.

Lancaster County continues to have reports of Sandhill Cranes through Apr. 2.

Some shorebird migration is under way as a Spotted Sandpiper was observed in Berks County on Mar. 26 as with a Pectoral Sandpiper in Lebanon County through Mar. 24 and Cumberland County through Mar. 20. A Dunlin was reported in Cumberland County on Apr. 2. Also, Greater Yellowlegs are continuing in Centre County through Apr. 4.

Little Gulls and a Black-headed Gull have been frequenting the Susquehanna River near Marysville, PA in Dauphin County through Apr. 3. A Little Gull was also reported in Huntingdon County on Raystown Lake on Mar. 28. A Lesser Black-backed Gull was reported in Northampton County through Mar. 31 and in Huntingdon County on Mar. 27. An Iceland Gull was reported in Northampton County through Mar. 28.

In Lancaster County, a Red-headed Woodpecker was reported through Apr. 3 and in York County through Mar. 28.

Northern Rough-winged Swallows have been reported in Lebanon, Allegheny, Washington, and Dauphin Counties through the end of March. Also, a Barn Swallow was reported in Dauphin County on Mar. 28.

The biggest highlight recently in PA is the Mountain Bluebird that is frequenting Stop #3 at Middle Creek WMA in Lancaster County through Apr. 3. This is the state’s 7th record of this species of bluebird.

Mountain Bluebird (photo credit: Geoff Malosh)

A Black-and-white Warbler was reported in Chester County on Mar. 30. Pine Warblers have been seen throughout the state in York County and Snyder County through Mar. 27, Berks County through Mar. 19, and in Montgomery County through Mar. 18. A lone Palm Warbler was reported in Cumberland County on Mar. 23.

A Lincoln’s Sparrow was been reported in Crawford County through Mar. 28.

Winter Finch numbers seem to be decreasing significantly with only a few reports of Common Redpolls in Tioga County on Apr. 1, Bradford County on Mar. 30, and in Centre County on Mar. 29.

The biggest rarity in surrounding states is the Lewis’s Woodpecker that is being reported in Honeoye, New York through Apr. 2.

Lewis's Woodpecker (photo credit: Ed Norman)