Olive-sided Flycatcher

The highlight of a mornings walk around Lancaster County Central Park was the Olive-sided Flycatcher I found perched at the tippy top of a tree. I did not have my camera along so I took some shots with my phone, through by binoculars- phonescoping! They didn’t turn out amazing but you can see the vest like coloring of the chest. It was a nice bird and I was surprised to get both my first Olive-sided Flycatcher and Eastern Wood-Pewee on the same date. The unknown of what might be around during migration is really what keeps me going outside. My full list from the day is below.

Location:     Lancaster County Central Park
Observation date:     5/8/08
Number of species:     58

Wood Duck – Aix sponsa     2
Double-crested Cormorant – Phalacrocorax auritus     1
Osprey – Pandion haliaetus     1
Red-tailed Hawk – Buteo jamaicensis     1
Solitary Sandpiper – Tringa solitaria     2
Rock Pigeon – Columba livia     X
Mourning Dove – Zenaida macroura     X
Chimney Swift – Chaetura pelagica     X
Red-bellied Woodpecker – Melanerpes carolinus     X
Hairy Woodpecker – Picoides villosus     1
Olive-sided Flycatcher – Contopus cooperi     1
Eastern Wood-Pewee – Contopus virens     2
Eastern Phoebe – Sayornis phoebe     2
Great Crested Flycatcher – Myiarchus crinitus     2
Eastern Kingbird – Tyrannus tyrannus     6
Blue-headed Vireo – Vireo solitarius     1
Warbling Vireo – Vireo gilvus     X
Red-eyed Vireo – Vireo olivaceus     X
Blue Jay – Cyanocitta cristata     X
American Crow – Corvus brachyrhynchos     X
Tree Swallow – Tachycineta bicolor     X
Carolina Chickadee – Poecile carolinensis     X
House Wren – Troglodytes aedon     X
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher – Polioptila caerulea     2
Eastern Bluebird – Sialia sialis     2
Wood Thrush – Hylocichla mustelina     8
American Robin – Turdus migratorius     X
Gray Catbird – Dumetella carolinensis     5
Northern Mockingbird – Mimus polyglottos     1
European Starling – Sturnus vulgaris     X
Yellow Warbler – Dendroica petechia     1
Chestnut-sided Warbler – Dendroica pensylvanica     2
Magnolia Warbler – Dendroica magnolia     2
Black-throated Blue Warbler – Dendroica caerulescens     2
Yellow-rumped Warbler – Dendroica coronata     4
Black-throated Green Warbler – Dendroica virens     2
Yellow-throated Warbler – Dendroica dominica     1
American Redstart – Setophaga ruticilla     1
Ovenbird – Seiurus aurocapilla     5
Common Yellowthroat – Geothlypis trichas     3
Hooded Warbler – Wilsonia citrina     1
Scarlet Tanager – Piranga olivacea     X
Eastern Towhee – Pipilo erythrophthalmus     X
Chipping Sparrow – Spizella passerina     X
Field Sparrow – Spizella pusilla     X
Grasshopper Sparrow – Ammodramus savannarum     1
Song Sparrow – Melospiza melodia     X
White-throated Sparrow – Zonotrichia albicollis     10
Northern Cardinal – Cardinalis cardinalis     X
Rose-breasted Grosbeak – Pheucticus ludovicianus     5
Indigo Bunting – Passerina cyanea     X
Red-winged Blackbird – Agelaius phoeniceus     X
Common Grackle – Quiscalus quiscula     X
Brown-headed Cowbird – Molothrus ater     X
Orchard Oriole – Icterus spurius     8
Baltimore Oriole – Icterus galbula     6
American Goldfinch – Carduelis tristis     X
House Sparrow – Passer domesticus     X

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