Cerulean Warblers south of Black Moshannon

This morning I set out with the intentions of finding Cerulean Warblers. I had looked up Breeding Bird Atlas data on Cerulean Warblers and noticed that they were observed along the ridges north of Julian Wetlands along the southern edge of Moshannon State Park (at least according to Google). I thought the habitat looked great when I arrived the intersection between Beaver Rd and Steele Hollow Rd. As soon as I got out I could hear 3 Ceruleans singing and eventually managed to see one. I coasted slowly east on Beaver Rd towards Julian and heard at least 6 more singing males along the way for a total of 9 singing birds. This looks like it is quite a hotspot for them.

I highlighted in red the section of road where the Cerulean Warblers were singing if you want to go look for them. There is a nice wide gravel pulloff at the intersection where you can get out and safely listen. Now I just need to find some Yellow-throated Warblers and a Yellow-breasted Chat!

click on map to go to Google Maps for directions