Interesting weather, interesting birds?

NWS Radar- 9/29/10 at 9:01 PM

Just a few pre-storm musings:

The radar is lighting up with migrating birds currently. With the rain hitting during the night, there is the possibility of a good fallout in the morning for anyone brave enough to be out and about. There are still a lot of warblers in the system and sparrows are just starting so there could be a nice variety of birds.

More importantly, even though this storm is weak in terms of tropical storm activity, we may end up being on the eastern side of the storm which, I am told, is more likely to bring the interesting storm birds. Being so weak, maybe we can hope for some terns (Caspian, Forster’s, Common and Black) on Colyer Lake or Bald Eagle SP, or shorebirds at these locations or Julian Wetland.

Good birding!