First SCCCMA Surveys Complete

Our first surveys of PSU’s new Rockview property took place this past Sunday (12/4), and went very well. We had an excellent turnout of volunteers (thanks again to all who offered their time and skills!), and observed some excellent species.

Penn State’s piece of Spring Creek Canyon Cooperative Management Area is 452 acres of varied habitat, and in about 3 hours our surveyors counted 42 species. Some of the more interesting birds observed were Rough-legged Hawk, Black Vulture, Golden-crowned Kinglet, Fox Sparrow, Savannah Sparrow, and Field Sparrow. If you are interested in a full list and count of what was seen, or are interested in participating in future surveys, please feel free to contact me. For more general information on the land being surveyed, check out this post. Below are some photos taken by Alex Lamoreaux during the survey.

American Tree Sparrow

Song Sparrow

Black Vulture

Cedar Waxwing