Connecticut Warbler at the Penn State Arboretum

This morning we had the distinct pleasure of capturing an adult female Connecticut Warbler while banding at the Arboretum at Penn State. I had just left to head into school when I got a call from Josh that there was a Connecticut in the nets, so I of course headed back to the banding site. Actually, I sprinted and ended up getting there before they were even back from the net.

female Connecticut Warbler- nice big eye-ring

It was a real treat to get a close look at the field marks- large distinct eye-ring, complete gray hood, bright yellow underparts (brighter than Common Yellowthroat but not as bright as Mourning Warbler.)

female Connecticut Warbler

female Connecticut Warbler

Banding is open to the public, check the state college listserv for details from Nick Kerlin regarding dates.