Tropical Storm Sandy rare bird liveblog

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As the Frankenstorm churns it’s way up the coast and swings in across the Mid-Atlantic there is a good possibility that many interesting birds will be dropped off in lakes, reservoirs, and rivers after being displaced by the storm. Here we will post updates on storm-birds seen across the region as a way to give people a heads up on places to check, species to look for, etc. For more information about what birds could be possible during a late-fall storm like this, check out what eBird has to say. Also keep an eye on BirdCast for weather and bird forecasts.

  • Tom Auer

    I’m really surprised by the lack of storm bird reports on the list-servs so far. I did see this one on the MASS list which included Leach’s Storm-Petrel, which is unusual from shore.

  • Jennifer Supplee

    Lots of red breasted nuthatches and pine siskins at our feeder in downingtown today

  • Gabriel Mapel

    Waterfowl in Shenandoah Valley of Virginia: 2 Ring-billed Gulls, several Green-winged Teal, Gadwall, and Northern Pintail. Perhaps storm-blown?

  • Zachary DeBruine

    Spur-of-the-moment pelagic trips are being organized as far inland as Lake Michigan and Lake Erie. The anticipation is tremendous! 🙂 Keep up the posting Drew and Alex!! When do you think the storm will hit Detroit area? What about the western shore of Lake Michigan?

    • Isn’t the MI Vermilion Flycatcher enough for you?! I think the storm only makes it halfway through PA before turning north then east but its so big birds may be widely scattered

      • Zachary DeBruine

        Haha, that’s a 10.5 hour drive from southern Michigan. I haven’t gotten up there yet. I am expecting discovery of a few displaced species late Wednesday-Friday on Lake Michigan, where I’ll be focusing my efforts from Berrien to Muskegon, perhaps. The eye won’t be reaching Michigan, but the storm is already raging here.

      • Zachary DeBruine

        Actually, the winds here are all very strong southbound due to the swirling wind of Sandy. Movement of northern species southward should be detected in Michigan. My brother just had 11 Evening Grosbeaks at his feeder near Grand Rapids (2nd Kent county record).

  • Gabriel Mapel

    Surf Scoters were found in Rockbridge County, Virginia. I’d imagine storm blown.

    • seems likely, how often do you get scoters there? It seems like there were a lot of scoters seen in NY and PA where they were put down by the rain but not necessarily storm blown.

      • Gabriel Mapel

        Very unlikely. We get scoters along the Virginian coast a lot, not inland. Believe this was first Rockbridge County record. Only a few records from surrounding counties.

  • Zachary DeBruine

    Possible/probable imm. Black-legged Kittiwake at Holland SP over my lunch. This would be the first of the Lake Michigan rarities for the storm.

  • Magill Weber

    Definitely storm-driven. This morning (Nov 2) I had an amazing flock of 27 EASTERN KINGBIRDS in W Newbury, MA (probably a good six miles inland due west from Plum Island).