What’s Your Favorite Warbler?

Alex LamoreauxBirding, General Rant8 Comments

For years, my all-time favorite warbler was the adult male Blackburnian Warbler…..every spring I couldn’t wait for the morning I would go out and see a male Blackburnian, with it’s flaming-orange throat, calling from the top of a tree. Even in the fall, the Blackburnian looks absolutely stunning. Although that species isn’t particularly uncommon, and it doesn’t necessarily have the best song of the other warblers, something about them just made me love to see them, more so than any other. Then last year, birding intensely here in Centre County and seeing loads of Cape May Warblers, way more than I had ever seen in one fall, made me start to think…..could Cape May be my new favorite? Check out the photo below, that I took of an adult Cape May Warbler last week at Jo Hays Vista……seeing enough of these guys really makes you have second thoughts about what your favorite warbler is.

Cape May Warbler - adult male (Photo by Alex Lamoreaux)

So, now that fall warbler season is coming to an end over the course of this month…..has this season made you change your mind about what species is your favorite warbler? Leave a comment, and let me know!

  • Hmm…tough one.  I was able to see one fall plumage Blackburnian Warbler during the Midwest Birding Symposium.  Those Black-throated Green Warblers, Magnolia Warblers, and Canada Warblers, oh and don’t forget that Chestnut-sided Warblers are pretty spectacular even in fall plumage.

  • Drs17

    My favorite is the yellowthroat that I rescued from the screen door last week. Not the species, just that one little bird.

  • I’m partial to Black-throated Blue Warblers, mainly because they are so confiding. But I’ll take any warbler, really.

  • This is a tough question because I am usually partial to whichever species I last had a good look at. I think overall, Cerulean Warbler is my favorite, mostly because of the color. Canada Warblers with their slate gray back and black necklace are pretty nice as well. But then there is Mourning Warbler….that yellow is crazy and contrasting with the black hood. Ok, I officially can’t decide.

  • @nc_birdwatch

    Yeah, a tough question. For me, I would slide in with Drew. The toughness of finding a Cerulean along with the beautiful colors are a couple reasons I like them the best.

  • Nick Bolgiano

    Canada Warbler is my favorite, partly because I find it in really interesting places and because it has a lot of “personality”, detecting and escorting me out of its territory. I think that its necklace, yellow eye-ring, and colors give it a lot of class.

  • Hillel Brandes

    Tough one…but after narrowing it down to a few, I’ll go with the Blackpoll.

  • Blueegret

    Although they are dull, i love worm eating.