Lark Sparrow – Cumberland County, PA

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During the January 4th Newville CBC, Ramsay Koury discovered a Lark Sparrow foraging with other sparrows around a brush pile in a new housing development along Peyton Road near Carlisle, Pennsylvania. This is approximately the 15th record of Lark Sparrow for Pennsylvania, with the most recent sighting from 2006. This is the first record for Cumberland County. Lark Sparrows have … Read More

RBA – Pacific-slope Flycatcher – Cumberland County, PA

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This bird was originally found on Sunday, November 18th by Ramsay Koury but it was not able to be positively ID’ed at that time. On November 23rd, Tom Johnson and Ramsay Koury re-visited the site and found the bird again, this time confirming that it is indeed a Pacific-slope Flycatcher based on its distinct slurred, two-parted “pseeee-wee” call (recorded in … Read More