Fork-tailed Flycatcher – Hadlyme, Connecticut

Alex LamoreauxBird Sightings, Chase, Rarities3 Comments

Even aside from their ridiculously long tails, the Fork-tailed Flycatcher is beautiful. This bird’s black cap and light gray mantle make it one of the most interesting Tyrannus flyatchers – one of those birds that has always made me pause while skimming through a field guide and admire it. I always felt as if the Fork-tailed Flycatcher was a mythical … Read More

Clay-colored Sparrow – Huntingdon County, PA

Alex LamoreauxBird Sightings, Chase, Migration, Photography, Rarities1 Comment

Dave and Trudy Kyler, two of Huntingdon County’s top birders, found a beautiful adult Clay-colored Sparrow yesterday morning at Old Crow Wetlands. My friends and I were busy with finals and other things, but we finally had some time to run down to Old Crow and search for it earlier today. After a few minutes of searching, Ian Gardner spotted … Read More

Montour Clay-colored Sparrow

Drew WeberField Work, Rarities, Science2 Comments

This morning while doing a bird survey on a CREP (Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program) field, I happened across a Clay-colored Sparrow. Initially when I heard it, my mind leaped to the possibility of a Northern Mockingbird, but it was coming from the middle of a large field, not where I expect mockingbirds to be. I was able to quickly to … Read More