Review: iPhone 5s – new digiscoping champion

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Every year, Apple releases a new iPhone and one of the great features of their phone is the excellent and always improving camera. It was probably when the iPhone 4 came out that it really started to be embraced by many birders as a great camera to digiscope with, aided by the release of digiscoping adapters from several different companies. A … Read More

Review: Swarovski ATX/STX Spotting Scope

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This spring when I was looking forward to some birding competitions in both PA and NY, I approached Swarovski to see if they would let us test our their optics under real world conditions – 24-hour bird-a-thons. Swarovski sent along both the straight and angled eyepiece, and the 65mm and 85mm objective lenses. I was really excited to play with … Read More