Review: Audubon Birds, now with more eBird

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Audubon Birds – A Field Guide to North American Birds v1.9 $19.99 from the Green Mountain Digital A new version of Audubon Birds: A field guide to North American Birds was just recently released and I’ve now had some time to use it and check out the new features. The main part of the app is the field guide. What sets … Read More

Sibley iPad update

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Just today I downloaded a welcome and overdue update to the The Sibley eGuide to the Birds of North America app which enables the iPad to display all the illustrations at fullscreen. Due to the different screen resolutions of iPads and iPhone, apps that weren’t originally made for iPads were not shown full-screen. Rather they were shown in a small … Read More

Review: Birds of Hawaii, New Zealand, and the Central and West Pacific

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This review was contributed by Cameron Rutt, a good friend of mine who is currently in the middle of a six month stint living on the island of Laysan and working on the reintroduction program for Millerbirds. In many respects, this book is a follow-up to “A Field Guide to the Birds of Hawaii and the Tropical Pacific” (Pratt et … Read More

Review: Birds of North America and Greenland

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My first thought on hearing about the Birds of North America and Greenland by Norman Arlott was, “Who needs another bird guide to our region?” After spending a bit of time looking through the guide, I have decided upon the perfect person for this guide. Casual European birder, packing light and traveling across N.A. (possibly hitch-hiking) with no pre-determined route. … Read More

Review: The Atlas of Birds by Mike Unwin

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I just received a review copy of The Atlas of Birds: diversity, behavior, and conservation by Mike Unwin. My first thought when I pulled the book out of the mailing envelope was, wow, this thing looks really sharp. This is definitely a glossy, coffee table style book and the layout with photos and maps are dazzling from cover to cover. Placing a Green-headed … Read More

Review: The Birds of New Jersey

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Here is a beautiful book with a simple purpose, providing up to date status and distribution information for birds in New Jersey and the surrounding region. The Birds of New Jersey: Status and Distribution by William J. Boyle is a real winner in my book. It doesn’t try to be a one stop bird book, rather it finds a small … Read More

Review: Mammals of North America, second edition

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It should be immediately stated that I am most definitely not the bird enthusiast in the Weber household. Indeed, while Drew can easily get up at 4am to find some passing warblers, or stare through a scope at a flock of gulls for (what may seem like) hours, I enjoy sleeping in until the sun rises and there are times … Read More

Review The Crossley ID Guide

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It isn’t every day that so much hype surrounds the launch of a bird book. I have to admit that I was somewhat unsure of what to expect as the release date approached; nothing leads to more disappoint than when something gets overhyped. In this case, the buzz around Richard Crossley’s The Crossley ID Guide: Eastern Birds turned out to … Read More

Review: Hawks at a Distance by Jerry Liguori

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Hawks at a Distance; if you are a hawk-watcher and general hawk-freak (like me), then you too have been waiting for this book to come out ever since rumors of it started to make their way through the birding community. How could a hawk ID book get any better than Liguori’s first book, Hawks from Every Angle we all asked… … Read More

Bird Book Gift Ideas for the Holidays!

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So maybe you are still looking for something to get that birder on your Christmas list. Well, lucky for you we have a couple suggestions because we care. Birds of Borneo: Brunei, Sabah, Sarawak, and Kalimantan by Susan Myers. This is a great looking field guide that was published in 2009 by Princeton University Press. According to the back cover, … Read More