Photo Study: Surf Scoter (juvenile)

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This afternoon, Mark Mizak and I took a quick trip out to Bald Eagle State Park to search for the Red-necked Grebe that we had found yesterday. The grebe appears to have left, however we were very excited to see a Surf Scoter swimming around by the sunken road. The scoter was very tame and approachable which allowed for some … Read More

Photo Study: Yellow-rumped Warbler

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If you live in the eastern United States and have even stepped outside during the past three weeks, then I am sure you have seen at least one Yellow-rumped Warbler. If you have been out birding recently I bet you have seen hundreds, if not thousands. This past weekend, I was in Cape May, NJ birding, and there were Yellow-rumped … Read More

Sage Thrasher – Photo Study

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One of the birds that was on my “Most Wanted” list before coming to Idaho was the Sage Thrasher. Luckily, after being here in Idaho for over 3 months, I have been able to see quite a few, especially this past week! I think they are a really awesome bird, and for me, are so iconic of sagebrush flatlands. All … Read More