Photo Study: Yellow-rumped Warbler

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If you live in the eastern United States and have even stepped outside during the past three weeks, then I am sure you have seen at least one Yellow-rumped Warbler. If you have been out birding recently I bet you have seen hundreds, if not thousands. This past weekend, I was in Cape May, NJ birding, and there were Yellow-rumped … Read More

Allegheny Front Big Sit – 2011

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This past Sunday, I held a Big Sit at the Allegheny Front Hawk Watch for the second year in a row. The Big Sit is an all-day birding event promoted by Bird Watcher’s Digest. The idea is to pick out a 17 foot diameter circle, and stay in it all day, counting as many species of birds as you can … Read More

Campus Red-tail

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The PSU campus has at least two pairs of Red-tailed Hawks that call it home and terrorize the thousands of squirrels and chipmunks that also live here. Everyday, one adult Red-tailed Hawks perches on the large stadium lights that surround the outdoor pool, which is right behind my apartment. Today, when I was walking back from class the Red-tail was … Read More

Morning Flight

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It is well known that many of our songbird species, including warblers, thrushes, and sparrows, are nocturnal migrants. After a long night of flying, birds often land in a place where food and safety are available. Sometimes a desired habitat is directly below where the birds are flying. Other times, a bird needs to keep flying to find suitable habitat. … Read More