Fourth Annual 4th of July Birding Challenge!

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It’s a big year for the annual Nemesisbird 4th of July Birding Challenge: It’s an election year in the US (in case you have been under a rock for 9 months), it’s the Fourth year of the 4th of July birding challenge, Hamilton the musical swept the Tony Awards, and the sequel to Independence Day is in theaters. What more could … Read More

4th of July Birding Challenge!

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2015 will be year 3 of the 4th of July Birding Challenge, and I have to say this year is a special one for your lovely author. I just got back from 5 months of studying birds in Borneo, and while my experiences and birding over in Southeast Asia were truly unforgettable, I would be lying if I said I … Read More

4th of July Birding Challenge! Part Deux

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Four score and seven birds ago, the 4th of July Birding Challenge was born (actually, it was last year, but who’s counting?). Since it was such a big hit last year, the rules will remain the same, except for one new twist. There will be two categories of champion: One winner for the traditional “Most 4th of July Species”, and … Read More

Phone Skope, Vortex Optics, and Goal Zero Giveaway!

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One of our main sponsors here at Nemesis Bird, Phone Skope, along with Vortex Optics and Goal Zero are sponsoring a giveaway. Enter the contest by clicking on this link or the photo below! If you’re interested in getting a Phone Skope digiscoping adapter, be sure to use the discount code on the right side of this page!

Answers to the Crossley Raptor mystery plate

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There were a total of 65 entries to the mystery raptor plate from the Crossley ID Guide: Raptors, but only two people got all the answers correct. The names were thrown into a digital hat and the winner is David Rankin! David will be receiving the prize package from Hawk Mountain Sanctuary, one of my favorite places and an institution … Read More

The Crossley Raptor ID Quiz

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In anticipation of the new Crossley Raptor ID guide release, we have this photo ID quiz made by Richard Crossley. See how many you can identify, leave your answers in the linked form, and we will post the answer next week. There are 11 birds in the photo, make sure you identify each one. Anyone who correctly identifies all the … Read More

Checklist a day maps

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The maps below are part of the Nemesis Bird Checklist a Day challenge. The Canada and US maps below show how many eBirders are currently submitting at least one checklist per day. Bookmark this page as it will be updated frequently. The below map shows how many people in each country are keeping up with submitting a checklist per day. … Read More

The Top 100 Checklist a Day competition

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Thanks to Ted Keyel for coming up with this challenge and writing up most of the post.  So, you think can bird? What about eBird? Even if you can, what about your state? Do you have what it takes to help spread the word and encourage more of your friends and family to use eBird more? If so, join Nemesis … Read More

Logo Contest Winner

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After some close voting, Nemesis Bird has selected the feather silhouette design by Vince Koczurick as our logo winner. We liked it for its simplicity as well as how distinctive the feather and birds were. Vince was inspired by the work of artist Chris Maynard who creates beautiful works of art by cutting bird silhouettes out of real feathers. That … Read More

Logo Contest submissions

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Without further ado, here are the spectacular submissions we received for the Nemesis Bird logo competition. We are excited about the creativity of each of the logos and will be looking them over to choose a winner. Click on each of the thumbnails below to see the submissions and then scroll down to vote for your favorite! We will take … Read More